Monday, July 13, 2015

Multichrome Mondays: Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal and "Kids"

Hi everyone! Today for Multichrome Mondays, I have what is arguably one of the most popular color shifting families out there to share with you. The parent polish to this set of pretties is Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal, which is one that I have not been able to get my hands on throughout the years (though funnily enough, I think I might have owned it when I was a kid and then thrown it away before I was into nail polish). Fear not though, I have plenty of dupes for this polish that are pretty easy to get your hands on these days.

Color Shift: Teal/Purple/Magenta/Gold

Parent Polish: Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal (not included in this post)

Polishes Included: Artform 505, Hits Cutie Pie, Dance Legend Sulley, Enchanted Polish Magical Mystery Tour (holo), Darling Diva Polish We Will Rock You (holo), Dance Legend Milky Way (holo)

Other Polishes With This Pigment: Ozotic/Chemistry 505 (Eclipse), Doctor Lacquer The Dance of the Spirits, Polish Me Silly Obsession, ILNP Sirene, ILNP Sirene (H), (ILNP Hush and Hush (H) are similar), Enchanted Polish Kids (H), Baroness X Aura, Baroness X Prismatic (holo)

Base Color/Opacity: 
The opacity of these is a very significant factor in determining how you are going to want to wear them. The older Artform 504 is quite sheer and I really wouldn't recommend wearing it on its own as it looks best layered over a dark color. Hits Cutie Pie is slightly more opaque, but still looks best layered. Then you look at Dance Legend Sully and BAM! Look how opaque and vibrant it is at 3 coats compared to the other two. It is definitely the winner! As far as the holos are concerned, they all get opaque very easily on their own, but you can see that the varying degrees of holographic pigment density affect the vibrancy of the colors (from most to least vibrant it is Dance Legend Milky Way>Enchanted Polish Magical Mystery Tour>Darling Diva Polish We Will Rock You). All of the holo effects of these are very different, so I think that my collection of holos in this family is pretty well-rounded.

The base color of these is a greenish teal. Sometimes in photos, it looks very similar to Sally Hansen Garnet Lapis/Ozotic 506 and family (which we will be discussing next week) but the base color of that family is more of a navy blue. I've seen that a lot of cameras (including mine) sometimes have trouble picking up the much greener tone of the base color of this family, but in person it definitely leans very green.

Color Shift: 

So you can easily see that these all utilize the same pigment and have the vibrant teal base with a shift to purple. When you tilt the nail more, the purple gets more vibrant and pinky in nature (what I call magenta). In the last photos, you can see that at very extreme angles there is even a shift to gold. This is one of the most gorgeous and flashy of all the multichrome shifts out there, so I definitely see why it is so popular.

So do we have dupes? Like I said, these definitely utilize the same pigment so you see the same color shifts, but in the non-holo category Dance Legend Sulley is clear winner since it is opaque and vibrant on its own without the need of layering. If you don't have easy access to Dance Legends, I've got a good list of easily available indie substitutes for you. None of the holos are dupes due to the varying concentrations and types of holo pigment. Dance Legend Milky Way is pretty easy to get your hands on, but the other two are hard to find or discontinued. Again, there are some holo versions in the indie dupe list as well that you can check out. As always, if you know about any other polishes that use this pigment that I neglected to add, please let me know in the comments! Thanks for looking everyone!

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